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GFEL offers an ideal opportunity for the confluence of educationists, edtech innovators, thought leaders and academicians who are adding significant value to the global education sector. The conference strives to unveil groundbreaking innovations and delve into the depths of knowledge sharing to build the future of imparting education.

As education holds a significant position in the policies of nations across the world, GFEL empowers participants to develop the capacity to solve complex education related issues globally.

Event Date

16th-18th December, 2019

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Event Location

Le Meridien, Dubai

GFEL’s Unique Promise of Value

Individuals working dedicatedly towards transforming the education sector and its practices are tasked with numerous responsibilities. As technology has a far-reaching impact on the methods of learning and teaching, it becomes quintessential to understand the means in which tech can reshape the way people learn and share knowledge. GFEL 2019 explores innovations in the realm of education to build the practices of tomorrow.

Who Should Attend

GFEL is a forum which is exclusively created for brilliant minds which are dedicated towards bringing a change in the field of education by means of latest innovations and academic developments.

School Teachers and Staff

The process of imparting education begins very early at school. This makes it extremely crucial for teachers, counselors, and career officers to know about the latest advancements in the realm of education.

University Faculty

As the faculty teaching in the universities is carrying the torch of knowledge transmittal, it becomes imperative for them to be a part of forums which are dedicated to the field of education.

Government Officials & Policy Makers

Education is an indispensable attribute of every government’s policies. As a result of this, it is of utmost importance for the officials devising these schemes to be aware about the latest innovations happening in and around education.


Scientists and investigators are the ones who are deciphering scattered data and converting it into meaningful information. GFEL offers a platform wherein researchers from different spheres of knowledge can come and share their valuable findings for the long-term betterment of all.

Companies Offering Education Solutions

As the companies working in the realm of providing education solutions make it possible for everyone to access better means of learning; therefore, it becomes crucial for them to participate in educational conferences to showcase their endeavors.

EdTech Start-ups

Innovations are vital but it’s even more crucial to make these advancements available to the public for the development of everyone in the society and this is exactly what EdTech start-ups are famous for delivering. GFEL offers a forum to these upcoming start-ups wherein they can exhibit their USPs and network with other notable members of academia.

Prism Events in the News

IFAH (formerly Smart Health Conference) 2018 was covered by NBC Las Vegas, for its effort in exploring newtechnologies in the field of healthcare. The co-chairs of the conference, Raghib Khan and Faisal Abidi joined Jeff Maher on his daily morning show, Wake up on the CW and explained the idea behind the conference and the work we are doing.

Past Participants