About GFEL

Education is one of the fundamental pillars of humanity which holds the potential of empowering individuals and transforming their lives. Due to the great importance it holds, imparting education is considered to be one of the most noble acts. As knowledge is gained by sharing, we decided to create a reliable collective ground where ideas meet possibilities. With an aim to establish a vital facility for the greater good, we have solemnly resolved to curate a common platform which promotes the benevolent deeds of education transmittal.

Keeping this objective at the center of our heart, we laid the foundation of GFEL. Our endeavors are in the direction of building a forum where like-minded people from the education sector can come together and shape a bright future for the upcoming generations.

Vision & Mission Statement


Building a community of teachers and learners to discuss solutions of complex issues pertaining to education transmittal at a global level.


To build a forum which brings together the brightest minds who are united by their passion for transforming the lives of people by means of education.

Our Offerings

GFEL promotes transformational education systems which improve the quality of learning for all.


Whether you’re looking for a mentor or a thought-leader who can guide you through your business’ journey, GFEL offers abundant opportunities to network based on your interests.


GFEL provides a dedicated space where companies and institutions showcase the latest advancements in the realm of education.


Get inspired by acquainting yourself with groundbreaking progressions which are reshaping the future of education.

Our Advisors

Arthur Viente Strategic Account Director - IBM
Dr. Hemlata Sharma Director, CHS Convent School
Mike Jenkins Advisor Founder & CEO, J6 Labs
Dr. P.A. Ibrahim Haji Founder & Chairman of PACE Group
Dr. Praveen Chandra Indian Cardiologist and Chairman of Interventional Cardiology at Medanta
Dr. Shoaib Tyagi

Organizing Committee

Faisal AbidiCo-chair
Raghib KhanCo-chair
Imran AliVice Chair - Corporate Affairs
Nitish SoodVice Chair - Technology
JatinSr. Manager - Delegate Relations
Arbina AhmedManager - Industrial Relations
Sanam SatijaManager - Delegate Relations
Anurag Gautam Manager - Delegate Relations
Shivanshu GroverManager - Delegate Relations
Lakshmi Shisodia
Tanu Aggarwal
Kritika Rana


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